Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tammy is a stunner!

When I first saw Tammy I thought what a beautiful tabby cat. She has the cutest pink nose, and HUGE eyes. She is very slim built, and very lady like.

On her first few days here, she was quite shy and kept to herself to herself. However she gradually started to feel more confident and even started to watch the fish in the fish tank. I started to see that she has a fantastic personality as she really came out of her shell and blossomed!

Im really enjoying Tammys company as she is a really friendly cat who will quite happily follow me around the whole house and chat away to me  all day.....meow meow meow.. we really do have conversations.

Since she has been here with me, she has found some favourite things to do, she likes to watch the birds out the window,  cuddle up to me on the sofa, and play with my other cats. She is such a gentle soul, and would make a great companion.
Tammy is another foster cat that I would LOVE to adopt, but the plan was to foster cats, not keep the cats.

If your looking for some company, Tammy would be the perfect cat. She truely has an amazing personality

If your interested in adopting Tammy, Please contact North Birmingham Cats Protection adoption line.

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