Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Oscar Cat

Oscar is my new arrival!
He is a big, FLUFFY, grey, very handsome male cat, the vets think he's about 8-10 months old.
He was found as a stray and handed into the vets as he was limping on his right back leg in the snow.
He is a very friendly and affectionate cat. When he came out his cat basket, the first thing he did was look around for someone to fuss him!

He was quite happy to walk around the house, have a little explore, and then fall asleep on the sofa.. it was like he had lived here all along...
Oscar's first day, he got quite comfy and fell asleep.

Also his first day, watching the fish.

After a few days of him being with me, his personality started to shine through even more. He started to purr much louder and roll on his back and demand tummy rubs! (Its very cute because he has little curly hairs on his tummy) He is defiantly a cat that likes to be pampered, he loves being groomed and likes to snuggle up on a very kindly donated cozy blanket.

He'll happily wander off around the house and do his own thing, and then come back and sit next to me and want some attention.

As you can see he is a very pretty cat, and has the perfect personality to match.

Handsome little chap!

Update on his leg..

I took Oscar to the vets today to check his leg out and they said he should be okay (Good news!!), and that his leg will heal in time, and for now give him some pain killers.. which I thought easier said then done! However in Oscar's case it was really easy, he was very laid back and I was able to quickly squirt his medicine into his mouth without a problem.

I must admit Oscar is a truely lovely cat, who deserves to be spoilt.

Please check out my video of Oscar on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCMqQPHI8eA

If your interested in Oscar, he will be up for adoption soon, with North Birmingham Cats Protection.

Mother and son rehomed together.

Just thought I'd update the blog. Jasmine and Jakey have both been rehomed, to a really wonderful lady who has adopted them both.
I'm so pleased for them both, they were quite timid when I first started to foster them, and gradually started to trust humans, and would even come over for some fuss.

Jasmine and Jakey were really lovely cats to foster, and I really enjoyed watching them come out of their shell.

The day after Jasmine and Jakey were rehomed, Oscar arrived! Read my next blog for more....