Thursday, 17 February 2011

Updates - Poppy and Tammy!

I am pleased to write about the most perfect loving home that came along for Tammy ( she has been renamed to Nacho) She will be spending her days in a beautiful home with a loving couple, where she can chat away to her hearts content!
Nacho chillling in her forever home

Jules, Nacho's new owner - Says 'shes had a good nights sleep and seems to have chilled all day today on the bed, --still a little shy but she is getting her confidence still....did you know Nacho snores !!! '

I am also really pleased to say that I have recently spoken to Poppys owner
(Poppy was my first ever foster cat)
 She has said Poppy is doing really well, and is the such a loving cat.

Pop Art of Poppy!
I am a very happy foster mummy.. and I am know looking forward to helping some more cats find forever homes.

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