Saturday, 26 February 2011

Shelley aka Cinders

This is Shelly (known in my house as Cinders as she reminds me of Cinderella)

Cinders was living in Lozells on the streets, she is about 1 years old, has been spayed and just loves being fussed!

Her first two days of being here she was very quiet, sitting in the corner of the room. She was obviously abit nervous but was quite happy to come out of her shell for some grub!

After a few days getting settled she kept creeping out to nose around and started to gain more confidence in her surroundings. She will quite happily walk over to me for some fuss, rolling on her back, with her legs in the air wanting some tummy rubs! She loves to be tickled under her chin.

Cinders covered in gravy after enjoying her dinner!

She really enjoyed her dinner!
I am still looking forward to learning more about Cinders, but so far.. I have seen that she has a very friendly and loving personality. She has a cute pink nose and a very unique coloured tail, where at the end it goes red.

This video shows Cinders being very affection and enjoying her fuss

If your interested in homing Cinders, please contact North Birmingham Cats Protection and mention Shelly.