Sunday, 14 November 2010

Jasmine and Jakey so far..

Ive had Jasmine and Jakey for 1 week, and 2 days. So I  thought I'd write about their process and what Ive seen of them so far and over the weekend.

They both started to come out of the 'foster room' quite a bit over the weekend, it started of with them both sat at the top of stairs, looking through the bannisters, and then eventually they came into the living room and now they explore the house, Jakey does it with a bit more confidence then Jasmine. Jasmine still seems very timid, and most normal noises startled her, however once she is comfortable she would happily stay and explore the room. She was the first of the two to come down the stairs, and explore the living, room she was walking around every corner of the room and checked out the big cats climbing tree, then went back upstairs to Jakey. I must admit, it seemed very much like she was checking that it was safe for her son to come down, as after the all clear, Jakey seemed quite happy to walk into the living room and even fell asleep on the sofa.

Since last friday Ive seen such a change in both of the cats, Jasmines confident is improving, very slowly however, but shes getting there. I think when she knows her surroundings and hears noises that she recgnosises shell be a perfect little cat.  She is defiantly a pretty girl, and she has these eyes that remind me of Puss in Boots from Shrek, really big, and cute.

Jasmine being very patient for her dinner. Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!

Jakey being only 4 months old, his confident is improving a bit better then Jasmines. I can tell that they both lean on each other, if Jakey seems scared then hell run to his mummy and vice versa.

Jakey is very much a big softy! He will walk right up to me, and start meowing, as if to say give me attention please. He has got a very big purrrrr! And his purr gets louder when I cuddle him. He really is a very gentle boy sometimes.. by this I mean.. he is also a playful kitten, and wants to play with the fishing rod toy that jingles. He's still very cautious before entering a room, it looks like hes checking whats going on first, before he enters, and once he enters, he climbed right to the top of the tree and started watching the world.

He is such a cutie! Sat on top of the Cat Tree, watching the world go by.
They are the just wonderful cats to foster, and if I didnt have any cats, then I would definatly want to keep these two, because their just so nice to have around, so good together and so cute!!

His confidence is growing and he's loving exploring

This is Jakey, watching the toy just before he pounced!

What you looking at?

Jasmine started to get sleepy on the sofa, she just couldt resist a snooze

getting ready to pounce on toys again

If you think you can offer Jasmine and Jakey a home together, please contact North Birmingham Cats Protection.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Mother and Sons story -Jasmine and Jakey.

Jasmine and Jakey are gorgoues! its the only way to explain them. I can tell that theyve not had the best start in life, as they are both a little bit shy and timid. Jasmine is more shy then Jakey, takes her a while to be convinced that a bowl ful of food is definatly worth coming close to humans.  However we are starting to bond, and Jasmine now begs for food, she actually stands on her back legs staring at me with the biggest prettiest green eyes and Jakey enjoys it when we play with toys, hes not quite worked out his hunting technique as he just goes crazy and charges at the toys!

They are both at the vets today, they are being neutered, microchipped, and having their first vaccinations.
So will soon be very healthy, protected agaisnt disease and ready to be rehomed.

I must admit, even though you do come across some sad stories, like Freya  with her kittens and Damsel being returned a few times, I am really enjoying helping theese homeless cats find forever homes! Its an amazing feeling knowing that these people have come to home these cats, and that these cats will play a massive part in there lives, like my cats in mine play a massive part. I dont know what I'd do without Russell and Stanley, Mainly because Russell is my alarm clock and Stanley actually gives the best massages.

Seriously Cats actually make there way in to your hearts.

Jasmine and Jakey are both looking for Loving homes, and if you feel you have the right home for them,
please contact North Birmingham Cats Protection.

Fostering for Cats Protection

I was walking to the shops, when I saw 3 tiny little kittens (about 4-5weeks old) and a big white fluffy cat walking in the middle of the road. The kitties were only tiny, and were still desperate to get to mummy for some more milk, that desperate she stopped and let them drink in the middle of the road.

And this is where my concern for these cats started, I figured, these cats must be stray because surely no responsible cat owner would allow this? or would they?

Few days later I saw that a friend and neighbour of mine posted lots of images on facebook of this stunning white cat that I had seen around the street, so I asked her whos cat it was?

Her landlord had told her that she is a stray cat, and has been left from previous tennants. So with the welfare of the kitties in mind, we decided to contact Cats Protection and get them rescued, however and understandably due to the massive amount of unwanted kittens in the kitten season cats protection fosterers and their pens were full to the brim.

After a day or so of not knowing how I can help, I decided if Cats Protection is so full, maybe they could do with an extra helper? So after a short discussion with my partner and the welfare officer at North Birmingham Cats Protection, it was decided that I was going to become an indoor fosterer.

My first rescued cats were the mum and the kittens playing in the road (by this time one of the kittens had gone missing or found a home who knows). The Cats were named Freya, Uno and Felix. We took them in and got them checked at the vets, who said they were covered in fleas, mites and that Freya the mum cat was pregnant again! (Not helping with this massive amount of unwanted kittens). After all this it turned out that Freya had an owner! We went along to his house, to talk about the cats where the man at first claimed 'The white cat is mine, but she chose to have the kittens, and they can become strays' however after a quite heated discussion, he decided that he was going to keep all 3 after all.

A few weeks later, Uno the kitten has not been seen in a while (hopefully has a loving home) Felix is still seen around the streets and Freya the mum has had a litter of 6 kittens in a neighbours shed. During the Firework period Freya has moved the 6 kittens and we havent seen them since.

So after all this irresponsible cat ownership, some good has come out of this, I am now a Cats Protection Fosterer and have collected, treated and rehomed so far Poppy the kitten and Dasmel the 18month old Torti Cat.

I must admit that I fell for Poppy, she is the sweetest most gentliest cat who bonded with me so well, she would follow me around the house and then fall asleep on my lap. When I was told, we have found her a home I was so pleased that shes found a permanent home, but a little bit in me, wanted to say 'I'll keep her!'

"This is just soooo comfy"
Poppy loved to cuddle up

And fall asleep in your arms
After a long day at the vets, Poppy falls asleep on the sofa again
Poppy was such a sweet kitten, and very cuddly! She had all her vaccinations, was spayed and microchipped, she really was the perfect cat for someone to love. Poppy was rehomed with a really lovely lady, who had also fallen for Poppy and her very gentle ways.

Damsel was my second foster cat

Damsel loved chasing that ball
"Where's my food?"

Damsel having a good play on the scratching post
 I felt so sorry for her as she had been in and out of homes for quite a while. I jusy couldnt understand why tho, because she was such a lovely cat, wanting fuss, and wanting to play! She seemed so perfect! I was hoping that some one would see her and think she is the one! And thats what happened, a lovely lady who came around to 'view' Damsel fell in love with her there and took her to her new home.

So far in my fostering Journey Ive rehomed 2 wonderful Cats. The same day Damsel was rehomed we took in 2 more Cats a young mother and her son, who we named Jasmine (1 year old) & Jakey (5months old)

For more on Jasmine and Jakey, please read my next blog.

Thanks for reading.