Monday, 10 January 2011

My journey so far..

So I thought Id write about my journey as a cat fosterer for Cats Protection so far.
Ive been fostering for just over 4 months now, which has gone very quick. Ive fostered and rehomed 6 beautiful foster cats.
Im finding it very rewarding, and I feel quite proud of myself, knowing that these cats were strays, or abanoned and are now in loving homes, with people who adore them. Its definatly a wonderful thing to be part of, and I wish I started volunteering sooner.

I knew that I was going to find it difficult, bonding with these cats, and then letting them go. I must admit it is pulling the heart strings quite alot and theres been a few tears. I found my first foster cat Poppy, the hardest to let go off. I was warned the first cat is the hardest. It still makes me quite emotional thinking about Poppy, and when I see black cats, I look out for the 'Poppy look a likes'.

Understandably it is at first a very wierd feeling, to have an animal in your home for a few weeks, and know that its not your pet and it wont be staying. To then see someone else walk away with them. It is hard, but because Cats Protection do home checks, it helps knowing there going to be loved, and that person will adore that cat as much as I adore mine.
I have to keep reminding myself now and then.. that I can not keep them all.. and beleive me if I could, I would.

Fostering has been very enjoyable, emotional, and the biggest eye opener to how many neglected and abanoned cats there are that need people to help them. Ive met some amazing people, who do such incredible work for these cats, and they do it because they want to help.

Its very inspiring.

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  1. Keep up the good work Ami, the cats need people like you!