Monday, 10 January 2011

My newest foster cat, Mary

4 days before Christmas, Mary came to me.

Mary was being fed as a stray, and due to all the horrible weather the lady feeding her decided, its time she found a nice warm home.

On the first day of getting Mary, she was very friendly, SUPER friendly infact. She kept walking over to my leg, and pushing herself on it, looking at me as if to say 'Helloo.. wheres my love?'

Mary had obviously been very loved at some point, and was carrying alot more weight then she should have.. perhaps a little over fed.

After she had settled in to the home, she would wander round the house, and evenutally settle on the sofa, or on the computer chair. She would sit in a room by the door looking onto the landing, and if someone walked past her she was straight away rolling on her back as if to say 'I want some fuss!!' All I had to do was to look at her, and immedialty she would roll! She made us laugh alot, and it was really lovely to have her around for Christmas.

Mary has beautiful eyes!

Mary loves lying on the floor and posing for the camera

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